Undergraduate Life

Undergraduate Life

The lift door opens and suddenly you find yourself on the 5th floor of the science complex building. You may have already gotten used to the constant admiring looks of people after being connected with merely the name of this place. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, popularly known as “genetics”, best department or something likewise- you have finally reached there.

At the very first look around, you will be amused to see the number of people that are associated with it. It hardly reaches a hundred, whereas your friends might be in departments where the head-count is in 4 figures.

However, the different colourful thoughts won’t last long as the classes will start without delay and you will soon realize that, the historically perceived ideal “varsity life” lies somewhere far- somewhere beyond the horizon.

Every morning at 8, you are going to find yourself in classrooms smaller than the ones used in coaching centres. You are half asleep but soon the teacher is going to look straight into your eyes and you realize that the half-filled glass of sleepiness must be poured down. Here is the most fascinating thing- every person, including the teachers, knows you by name even if you look like just another typical Bengali with a poor academic result.

The journey, once started, will take at least 4 long years. The first year, usually the most enjoyable time of your life here, will seem to fly by like a jet plane. The syllabus of first year contains many topics that you already have covered in high school, which will make the beginning of your undergraduate life a little bit easier compare to the rest of it.

Meanwhile, you are no longer a fresher. You have already warmed up with the seniors during the picnic, ‘partied’ through the return bus journey and performed (or cheered up the performers) in the freshers’ reception. It will amaze you to discover that you, who have never even sung a song in public before, are desperately trying to have your name written on the performer’s list because you are the better singer or dancer here.

As you become a senior, the pressure will rise and the wheel of time will revolve at a slower pace. The academic contents will be much harder to cope with; the number of classes and courses will increase. There will be times when you might wonder whether choosing to come here was a grave mistake.

On the other hand, as there are only a few students, you will be a member of a group which is united because where else can you go? Your classmates will support you through thick and thin and after a while you might find yourself comforting another student. The notes, ‘sheets’, suggestions, counselling- nobody here behaves like the school geeks; nobody hides their notes and resources. In the very first week, the seniors will provide you with all the things you need to excel in your academic life. You will get used to the academic pressure most of the time and learn how to deal with it from others who have faced the same hurdles.  

You might like some classes, whereas some might seem boring. But keep in mind that every teacher has his/her own style of teaching and while you are getting bored, the same lectures may grab the interest of your friend. Besides this, it is very important to convey the message that you will find every teacher to be co-operative and helpful. All you need to do is knock on their door.

There will be addas, random gatherings, unmanageable routines, moments of despair and moments of joy. It might look like the worst of times and at the same time the best of times. After all the pain and sufferings, when you graduate, you are surely going to miss your journey here and most significantly, the people you meet along the way who mark their presence in your map of memories.