GEB welcomes its 20th batch to the premises

With the beginning of a new year, the university campus is again full of life to welcome a new batch of freshmen. The Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology organized an Orientation Program for its 20th batch on the 8th of January at its premises. At 10:30 in the morning, the program started at the departmental gallery room where students of the 19th batch, currently the second year students, welcomed the youngsters with bouquets of flowers in the presence of their guardians and the faculty members of the department. They also displayed a presentation to introduce the department and its activities and facilities to the new students and the guardians. The first year students briefly introduced themselves and shared why they chose this discipline. The Student Advisor of the department, S M Mahbubur Rashid, talked to them about the rules of the university. Professor Dr. Mohammed Nazmul Ahsan, Chairman of the department, officially welcomed them and Professor Dr. Sharif Akhteruzzaman delivered instructional speech towards the students. Later on, the faculty members of the department had a fruitful discussion with the guardians about the wellbeing of the students. On the other hand, senior students and representatives of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Club (GEBC) shared their experiences and suggestions about academic and extracurricular activities in the university with the first year students. With this program a new academic session has again started in the department.