GEB, DU Welcomes Prof. Dr. Sabina Yeasmin as the New Chairperson of the Department

Professor Dr. Sabina Yeasmin has become the new chairperson of the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (GEB), University of Dhaka  on August 10, 2020. She received the responsibility from Professor Dr. Mohammed Nazmul Ahsan after he successfully completed his 3-years tenure as the Chairman of the Department.

The handover meeting took place on August 9, 2020, the last working day as a chairman  of Dr. Nazmul Ahsan. Faculty members and the staffs of the department attended a limited scale reception program in the chairman’s office where they expressed their humble gratitude with bouquets of flowers to Dr. Nazmul for his relentless and sincere service to the department as the chairman for the past three years. Later on, the senior teachers of the department cordially welcomed Professor Dr. Sabina Yeasmin as the new chairperson of the department by congratulating her with a bouquet of flowers.

Faculties of GEB, DU welcomes Prof. Dr. Sabina Yeasmin as the new chairman of the department. From left: Prof. Dr. Sharif Akhteruzzaman, Prof. Dr. Md. Anwarul Azim Akhand, Prof. Dr. Sabina Yeasmin, Prof. Dr. Md. Aftab Uddin and Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nazmul Ahsan.

In a brief address, Dr. Nazmul Ahsan thanked everyone for their cooperation during his tenure. After congratulating the new chairman, he offered her with his unreserved supports in catching up with her new responsibilities.

In her short address, Dr. Sabina also congratulated Dr. Nazmul for the successful completion of his tenure and wished him the best of health in the time ahead. Then she expressed her intention to serve her best during her tenure for the overall development and welfare of the department. On this ground, she requested everyone’s support and cooperation.  Later, professors and former chairmen of the department, including Prof. Dr. Md. Aftab Uddin, Prof. Dr. Sharif Akhteruzzaman and Prof. Dr. Md. Anwarul Azim Akhand shared their valuable experiences and suggestions with everyone. Finally, on top of congratulating the new chairperson, all the faculty members and staffs offered her their sincere cooperation for the best interest of the department and the students.

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