7th Issue of Biogen Published on DNA Day 2018

Biogen is an annual publication of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Club (GEBC). This science magazine communicates the latest discoveries and innovations in life science in the form of popular articles. The target audience is students. GEBC wants to popularize life sciences among school and college level students. It also aims to bring  fresh perspectives into matters for undergraduate and graduate students in life sciences who spend most of their time studying serious scientific books and papers. But to do original thinking, one must stay connected to the root spirit of scientific discovery and wonder. Biogen aims to do exactly that.


The 7th issue of Biogen has presented articles on both classic and recent discoveries in the field of bioscience. This issue paid tributes to the memory of Rosalind Franklin and Dwijen Sharma by retelling their stories. Franklin’s contribution to the discovery of DNA structure encourage us to pursue originality in our scientific endeavor against all adversity. Dwijen Sharma, an authority in Bangladeshi popular science, has communicated the marvels of evolutionary biology to generations of Bangladeshi students.


Human psyche and how we experience food by smell and taste is a very interesting topic. In the cover story “A Bittersweet Symphony” the writer Tamim Ahsan has delved into the topic and presented his findings in an amusing way. Histopathology and its importance in Bangladeshi medical practice has been explored on our guest corner by Dr. Saumitra Chakravarty.


It’s not easy to pursue a career in science. And every bit of advice helps. In this issue, Biogen reached out to eminent scientists Dr. Mahfuzur Sarker(Professor, Department of Microbiology, Oregon State University) and Hitoshi Nakamoto (Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Saitama, Japan) to ask them about their career and direction for aspiring students. With growing competition, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the race. And information about job market helps a lot. This issue of Biogen has published a piece covering career prospect in BCSIR, a leading research institute in Bangladesh.


Looking to the future is how we know the right path to follow. Keeping in touch with the modern techniques in Biotechnology provides us with new frame of thinking and possibilities in our research. In the current issue, two articles regarding Gene Therapy and Stem Cell therapy has covered the advancement and promises of these two trending technologies.

This 40 page magazine is packed with popular science writings, fictions, comics etc. which should serve readers from all areas.  The magazine can be collected from our department’s seminar library.


Image can be downloaded from here in high resolution: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GfruoJJlTlUqTG3N3yq_RKQsLU490mZe

Writer: Abu Nasim Haider, Batch 15, GEB, DU.

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