Graduate Program

Graduate Program at GEB, DU

Curriculum for one (01) year Master of Science (MS)

This curriculum is for the degree of Master of Science (MS) in the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (GEB), University of Dhaka. The Department of GEB has taken the initiatives to build capacity for advanced study and research in order to prepare students for suitable employment and/or research and to meet the needs of national and global interests. Considering the interdisciplinary nature of Biotechnology, the curriculum has been developed with an intention to provide a broad base of knowledge in diverse areas of this branch of science.  

The department offers core courses for both non-thesis (Group A) and thesis (group B) students. General rules and guidelines of 1 (One) year MS Program will follow the “Letter Grading System for MS Program” of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Dhaka as approved in the syndicate meeting held on August 23, 2015.

MS program will be offered against 30 earned credits for both non-thesis (Group A) and thesis (group B) students. Each 4-credit theory course will be of 100 marks comprising 60 lecture-hours, and 2-credit theory course will be of 50 marks comprising 30 lecture-hours. Credit wise distribution of MS program is given below:

Theory courses

20 credits


2 credits

Thesis/Laboratory work

6 credits


2 credits

Allocation of the students to the thesis and non-thesis groups will be made based on their earned grades in the undergraduate courses. Any student of GEB, University of Dhaka who earns a minimum of CGPA 3.50 in undergraduate level (BS Honors) will be placed in the thesis group (unless he/she opts for the non-thesis group). The students whose CGPA is less than 3.50 will be eventually allocated to the non-thesis group.