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GEB Club

Genetic Engineering and Biothecnolgy Club

University of Dhaka

GEBC is the club of the students of the Department of the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Dhaka. Established in 2004, this club is working to create awareness about issues related to biotechnology and genetic engineering in different level of society.

The Executive Committee of GEBC

Publishing popular Journal

GEBC is publishing a popular journal named BioGen regularly. This journal contains recent digest of the advancement in the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering.

GEBC seminar series

GEBC regularly arranges seminars with outstanding researchers of home and abroad to disseminate the outcome of the cutting edge research among students and other interested parties

Outreach program

GEBC arranges outreach program to make the school and college going students informed about the basic and applied knowledge on biotechnology and genetic engineering. The 1st round of this year long program took place in collaboration with British Council and the Acme Laboratories.

Providing other clubs help

GEBC attends programs arranged by other clubs/institutions of the country to explain biotechnology to the participating students and other people.