First Year

Course for 1st Year B.S. (Honors) in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology

Course objectives: After completing this course, students should be able to recognize biology as a natural science; conceptualize the nature and origin of life; explain the similarities and differences among different groups of living things; investigate diverse species of microbes, protists, plants and animals; observe the interactions of different species among themselves, other species and the environment; and evaluate the effects of human activities on biodiversity and the ecosystem. To achieve the above objectives, the course will discuss the following aspect of general biology.

1. Origin of Life

  • Early history of the universe, origin of the Earth, formation of the continents and the oceans.
  • Definition and key characteristics of life, theories on the origin of life.
  • Pre-biological formation of precursor and macromolecules.
  • Theories on the origin of cells; fossils of ancient microorganisms. 
  • The three types of cells, species concept, classification of living things and domains of life.
  • Historical geology and the scale of biological time.

2. Organic Evolution

  • Theories of evolution and the supporting evidences.
  • Evolution of sex, species and speciation.
  • Genetic Equilibrium and microevolution.
  • Macroevolution and its processes. 
  • Natural selection and its different formats.

3. Protists and Plants, and their Diversity

  • Basic structure, characteristics and economic importance of major groups of algae, fungi, lichens and bryophytes.
  • The origin of the terrestrial plants.
  • Pteridophytes, gymnosperms and angiosperms, and their importance.

4. Animals and their Diversity

  • Major animal phylae: characteristics & their importance; brief organismal biology of Amoeba, Hydra, Corals, Tape Worm, Ascaris, Earth worm, Snails, Starfish and Mouse. 

6. Ecology and Environmental Biology

  • Principles of general ecology. 
  • Elements of organismal, population, community and ecosystem ecology.
  • Human impact on the environment.

7. Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

  • Concepts of biodiversity and conservation.
  • Biodiversity in Bangladesh (flora & fauna). 
  • Extinct and threatened species of Bangladesh.
  • Conservation efforts in Bangladesh.

Suggested readings:

  • Raven P, Johnson G, Singer S, Losos J. Biology. McGraw-Hill (8th Edition 2008 or a later edition).
  • Campbell, Urry LA, Cain ML, Wasserman SA, Minorsky PV, Jackson RB. Biology. Benjamin Cummings (10th Edition 2010 or a later edition).
  • Starr C, Taggart R, Evers C, Starr L. Biology: The unity and Diversity of Life, Brooks Cole (12th Edition 2008 or a later edition).
  • Attenborough D. Life on Earth: A Natural History. Little Brown & Co. (1983). 
  • General Books LLC. Conservation in Bangladesh: Protected Areas of Bangladesh, World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh, Zoos in Bangladesh, Sundarbans. General Books LLC, 2010

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