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About Us

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology(GEB) is an applied science subject. The technology used in genetic engineering is generally aimed at harnessing the natural biological capabilities of microbial, plant and animal cells for the benefit of people. This technology, more specifically termed “Biotechnology”, couples scientific and engineering principles with commercial considerations to develop and improve products and processes made from living systems. In Bangladesh, University of Dhaka has taken the lead to establish a new department “Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology” aiming at generating skilled manpower with good theoretical and practical background.

In the four-years BS (Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology) course, we offer comprehensive education in all aspects of modern genetic engineering and biotechnology. The BS program combines theory and hands-on laboratory training to the students. These include biotechnology, basic sciences such as biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology and immunology, applied sciences such as industrial biotechnology and laboratory techniques, and environmental biotechnology.


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